RPL Sample Testimonials | Samples of ACS RPL Success Stories

RPL Sample Testimonials

RPL Sample Testimonials

Two months after we send the ACS RPL Project Report Form for Cients, we send a follow up email asking about the result of their RPL Application. Here are some sample testimonials of our clients about their RPL skills assessment result.

India | Computer Network and Systems Engineer
I wasn’t sure about using your service at the beginning, but now that I received ACS result that my RPL is accepted I am so glad! You are great and thank you very much.
China | Computer Network and Systems Engineer
I am your customer,you wrote RPL report for me,here I appreciate very much,without your help I could not have positive ACS result. I want to ask you,do you supply service for New Zealand IPENZ verify document ?? for New Zealand immigration purpose.
India | ICT Business Analysts
I have to admit I am very impressed by what you have done for me. The ACS assessment came positive and I already started the next step. I definitely recommend your service to my friends.
Australia | ICT Business Analysts
My RPL assessed as suitable. Great Job. Thanks.
Qatar | Software Engineer
I really appreciate your help. Last week I got the result of RPL from ACS and they accepted my application. This RPL thing was really stressful from beginning until when I received the + result! Not sure without you I could make it. Now I started study for IELTS. Hope get above 7 in each band!
Australia | Systems Analysts
Your assistance was extremely helpful through the skills assessment process. Thanks for helping me to pass the ACS assessment with the outstanding RPL you provided.
India | Developer Programmer
You guys rock! I’m very happy that I chose acsrpl.com to write my RPL. The report was great and I received the suitable skills assessment for my RPL. One of my friends needs RPL for web developer and I recommended you.
China | ICT Trainer
The ACS result was positive for me. My experience with you leaves me feeling very lucky that I choose you. I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for excellent ACS project report at a reasonable price. Best regards
Egypt | Multimedia Specialist
My latest client received her positive skill assessment yesterday. I really appreciate your amazing support. Since beginning of 2017, I have ordered more than 8 RPL from your site and skills assessment of my client has been all suitable (positive). Again thank you very much.
India | Software Engineer
acsrpl has been truly professional in creating my RPL report. My ICT skills application has been assessed as suitable for migration under 261313 Software Engineer. Everything has been done in a timely manner and by showing great attention to detail. I would like to thank you for everything you have done.
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